Tyreek Hill easily wins USATF 60m Masters Indoor Championship (Video)

Tyreek Hill wins USATF 60m Masters Indoor Championship, 3/11/2023
Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill is known for his amazing speed, but he just went out of his way to prove it in a different setting.

On Saturday, Hill ran a 60 meter sprint in 6.7 seconds, good enough to win the USA Track and Field Masters Indoor Championships in Louisville, Kentucky...by a sizeable margin.

It should be noted that the USATF Masters meets include athletes 25, so Hill wasn't exactly competing against any superstars. Hill's 60 meter time fell short of the top 200 performances this year by men. Still, it was Hill's first official race on a track since 2014, so not a bad way to make a comeback. It's certainly a better way to make an impression than pretending to pee like a dog.


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