Scott Stallings' tee shot gets stuck in tree at PLAYERS Championship (Video)

Scott Stallings tee shot stuck in tree, THE PLAYERS Championship, 3/11/2023
American pro golfer Scott Stallings found himself in a strange situation during Saturday's third round of THE PLAYERS Championship tournament when one of his tee shots got stuck in a tree.

Stallings entered Saturday at 1-over par, several strokes behind the leaders. On the 12th tee, Stallings hit what appeared to be a solid drive, but it went into a palm tree...and never came down.

The caddy for Stallings tossed a water bottle at the tree a few times in a failed attempt to knock the ball to the ground. Unfortunately, Stallings was forced to take the penalty and make another drive from the tee.

Stallings finished the hole with a double bogey, but recorded three birdies in the next four holes to pull back to even for the tournament. That's a heck of a turnaround in the face of some adversity.

We have seen our share of meltdowns on the golf course over the years, but Stallings understood that this was something outside of his control and managed to make the best of it. [Big Lead]

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