Jose Azocar hits Little League HR vs. Yankees (Video)

Yankees defense gives up Little League HR to Jose Azocar, Padres vs. Yankees, 5/28/2023
San Diego Padres left fielder Jose Azocar hit a Little League home run with the help of some poor defense by the New York Yankees during Sunday's MLB game in the Bronx.

It happened in the top of the second inning with two outs and a runner on second base with the score tied at 1-1. On the 0-1 pitch, Azocar singled to center field. As Padres runner Ha-Seong Kim tried to score from second, Yankees CF Harrison Bader threw home, allowing Azocar to head to second. Bader's throw was way over the head of catcher Kyle Higashioka, allowing Kim to score and giving Azocar the opportunity to try for third as Higashioka chased the ball to the backstop. Higashioka's throw to third was nowhere near the bag, allowing Azocar to score easily as the ball went out to left field and the Padres took a 3-1 lead.

Bader and Higashioka were both charged with errors, and deservedly so. You expect these types of plays in Little League (hence the name) or in celebrity softball games, but not at the major league level. MLB players are the best in the game, but they're not perfect, and even they make mistakes once in a while.

Fortunately for the Yankees, they able to overcome their defensive miscues by scoring 7 runs in the third inning to take back the lead, and they held on to win the game 10-7.


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