Wedding reception mistakenly celebrates Miami Heat Game 6 victory (Video)

Wedding reception mistakenly celebrates Miami Heat Game 6 victory, 5/27/2023

A wedding reception filled with Miami Heat fans mistakenly celebrated when the buzzer sounded in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Saturday night as they thought the Heat had won the game to reach the NBA Finals.

The TikTok video shows guests at this particular reception watching the final seconds of Game 6 on their phones. The Celtics were set up for an inbounds play with 3 seconds left as the Heat held a 103-102 lead. Derrick White inbounded the ball to Marcus Smart, who took a 27-foot shot that went in and out. However, Derrick White was able to tip the ball back in just before the buzzer sounded to win the game for the Celtics 104-103.

To be fair, it was not clear to most people watching the game that White tipped the rebound into the basket, let alone whether he got the shot off before the buzzer sounded. Therefore, many people watching, including the Heat fans in the stands and the wedding guests at this reception, were cheering to celebrate the Miami victory which they would soon find out was not meant to be.

Fans at this reception began yelling, jumping up and down and yelling "Let's go Heat!" We love how a Miami Heat flag was conveniently pulled out within seconds of the game ending and paraded around the room.

We can only imagine how much of a bummer it must have been seconds later for these fans to find out that the Celtics won the game. Sadly, we do not have the follow-up video, so we can only imagine how that played out.

As bad as that must have felt, however, it could have been worse. The bride and groom, and select guests could have attended the Heat game after the wedding ceremony. That would have been a real letdown.

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