Mr. Splash gives Orioles fans 'bird bath' after Adley Rutschman HR (Video)

Mr Splash hoses down Orioles fans, Rangers vs. Orioles, 5/26/2023
Baltimore Orioles fans celebrated a home run by catcher Adley Rutschman as Mr. Splash hosed them down with a "bird bath" during Friday night's game against Texas.

It happened in the first inning with one out as Rutschman opened the scoring in the game with a solo HR to right field. Recently, the Orioles have designated Section 86 of Camden Yards the "Bird Bath", as that section of seats is now the "splash zone" when a player on the home team hits a home run. As Rutschman rounded the bases, Mr. Splash came out with a hose and sprayed the fans with water.

The Orioles deserves credit for capitalizing on the water-themed celebrations that the players are breaking out this year to celebrate their extra-base hits, giving an opportunity for the fans to join in on the fun. It certainly is more family-friendly than the "beer bong" celebration. Of course, the fact that the Orioles have the second-best record in MLB helps to sell tickets as well.

As for the identity of Mr. Splash, that is being kept a closely guarded secret, and the team has indicated that this could be a revolving character.

Unfortunately, the celebration did not last long Friday night, as the Rangers scored two runs in the top of the second to take the lead and went on to crush the Orioles 12-2. As the season continues, the Orioles may want to consider being more selective with their celebrations so as not to jinx themselves or add motivation to their opponents.


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