Jim Schlossnagle ends in-game interview after dropped fly ball (Video)

Jim Schlossnagle ends in-game interview, Texas A&M vs. Arkansas, 5/25/2023
Texas A&M baseball coach Jim Schlossnagle abruptly ended a live in-game interview after one of his outfielders dropped a fly ball during Wednesday's second round game against Arkansas in the SEC Tournament.

Schlossnagle was talking to SEC Network broadcasters Dave Neal and Ben McDonald to open the bottom of the fourth inning as Texas A&M held a 4-0 lead. On the first pitch of the inning, Arkansas batter Peyton Holt hit a fly ball into right field that drifted into foul territory. As right fielder Jordan Thompson was chasing down the ball, Schlossnagle told the broadcasters "I have bad luck in these interviews."

Right on cue, Thompson overran the ball and it dropped behind him. Fortunately it was a foul ball, but that was enough for Schlossnagle to end the interview right then and there. He told the broadcasters "I told ya" and waved them off as he took off the headphones.

Schlossnagle seemed irritated as he walked through the dugout after the interview, although he seemed to be laughing about his alleged misfortune at the same time.

Most interviews at sporting events come after the game, and the main problem is making sure the censors are ready to prevent an athlete dropping an f-bomb live over the air. That clearly was not what Schlossnagle was worried about, but it did not make this any less awkward for the broadcasters.

Unfortunately, Schlossnagle's prophecy came true, although not right away as Holt struck out, so Thompson's dropped foul ball had no impact on the final outcome. However, Arkansas managed to score a run in the inning and would come back to take a 5-4 lead in the seventh. The Aggies would tie the game in the top of the ninth, but a home run by Kendall Diggs in the bottom of the 11th inning would win the game for the Razorbacks 6-5. Something tells us that Schlossnagle will not be giving any in-game interviews for a long, long time after this, if he ever decides to do it again.

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