Brent Burns gets away with spearing Matthew Tkachuk in groin (Video)

Matthew Tkachuk down after being speared in groin, Hurricanes vs. Panthers, 5/24/2023
Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Brent Burns got away with a terrible cheap shot on Florida Panthers left winger Matthew Tkachuk during Game 4 of the NHL Western Conference Finals at the FLA Live Arena.

It happened during a scrum that broke out behind the Hurricanes net as the horn sounded to end the first period with the Panthers holding a 2-1 lead. An official was in between Burns and Tkachuk to keep them separated near the end of the scrum. While the official was distracted, Burns bent down to pick his stick up off the ice and speared Tkachuk right in the nuts. Hard.

That should have been a five minute major for spearing. However, no penalty was called despite multiple referees being in the immediate vicinity. Tkachuk went down to the ice and curled up in pain. He skated off moments later in complete disbelief that no penalty was called.

We have seen players spear opponents in the groin before, but usually they get caught. In this case, Burns got away with it. Not cool.

UPDATE: Tkachuk got the last laugh, however, by scoring the game winner with under 5 seconds left to give the Panthers the 4-3 victory and complete the series sweep of the Hurricanes.


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