Yankees fans shocked by squirrel running past them (Video)

Squirrel runs in front of Yankees fans,
A group of New York Yankees fans freaked out as a squirrel ran along the railing in front of them during Tuesday night's game against Baltimore.

According to Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay, the squirrel got loose from the bullpen and found its way to the railing in front of the lower deck. The fans in the front row were not expecting to see an animal running in front of them and had hilarious reactions.

As for the squirrel, it ran along the railing for a few seconds until it decided to change direction and head down the wall towards the field. At a certain point it jumped off the wall and fell a few feet towards the field, but appeared prepared to stick the landing.

We have seen plently of squirrels interrupting MLB games over the years, but usually they are running around on the field. Fortunately, no fans were hurt by this incident, and it would appear the squirrel was also OK.

UPDATE: The Yankees won the game 6-5 in extra innings, so it could be said that the "rally squirrel" gave the home team some good luck.


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