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Jan 12, 2012

Shaq Cursed on Live TV (Accidentally) During TNT Studio Show (Video)

During TNT's NBA Tip-Off studio show Thursday night, Shaquille O'Neal was caught saying the S-word on live TV as the show was cutting to a commercial break.

The studio crew had just finished a segment where they were discussing the "Inside the NBA" sketch parody of their show on last week's Saturday Night Live. As TNT was about to cut to commercial, the cameras were not on, but obviously their microphones still were. Unfortunately, Shaq was not aware of this as he was overheard saying "Hey, you know who I blame for that sh**?"

Shaq is still a "rookie" when it comes to being a studio analyst, so he probably gets a pass for this one. However, the TNT censors do not, so they need to look into this. Where is that 7-second delay when we need it?

TNT video via.

Shaq Drops S-Bomb on TNT [Larry Brown Sports]

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