Tom Brady throws F-bomb at ref after controversial final play of Patriots loss (Video)

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady chased down a referee and threw and F-bomb towards him after the controversial final play of Monday night's game against the Carolina Panthers.

With the Panthers leading the Patriots 24-20, Brady led the Pats to the Carolina 18 yard line. On the final play, Brady threw a pass down the middle for Rob Gronkowski in the end zone which was intercepted. However, it appeared that Gronkowski was being draped by Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly while the ball was in the air.

An official had thrown a flag on Kuechly for pass interference, which would have given the Pats first and goal on the 1-yard line, but ruled that the ball was uncatchable as Brady underthrew the ball.

As the officials headed for the locker room, Brady chased down referee Clete Blakeman and was heard shouting "That was f---ing brutal!" before ESPN turned off its microphones. Apparently ESPN has no 7 second delay on NFL broadcasts.

During the postgame press conference, however, Brady calmed down and refused to blame the officials for the call, stating that he should have made a better throw.

GIF via BuzzfeedSports. H/T BI.
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