Chris Jones hits Cowboys stadium scoreboard with punt (Video)

Dallas Cowboys punter Chris Jones hit the giant AT&T Stadium scoreboard with a fourth quarter punt during Sunday night's game against New Orleans.

Jones' punt still traveled 33-yards, despite the tip of the ball scraping against the bottom of the scoreboard, as picked up by video replay. Since the trajectory of the ball wasn't altered enough to make it obvious to the naked eye, the officials didn't call for a review and there was no challenge by a coach. However, by rule, this should have resulted in a do-over.

Chris Jones hits scoreboard with punt

The Cowboys had a comfortable lead at the time, so despite the fact that the shortened punt gave the Saints good field position which led to a touchdown drive, there's no major harm from this missed call. Hopefully the officials can review it this week and learn from it so they can make the call next time.

Vine via TicketRadio. H/T FTW.
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