Jon Lester tosses glove to first base for the out (Video)

Jon Lester tosses mitt to Anthony Rizzo
Chicago Cubs pitcher Jon Lester was forced to toss his mitt to first base for the out when he couldn't get the baseball out of his glove during the second inning of Sunday's game against San Diego.

It happened with one out and a runner on first when Padres batter Clint Barnes hit a comebacker to Lester. Lester tried to get the lead runner at second, but when the ball got stuck in his mitt, he acted on instinct. Luckily, the ball didn't pop out on the throw to first.

Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo deserves credit for dropping his own glove so he could make the secure catch of Lester's mitt for the out.

Unfortunately, the Cubs lost in the end to the Padres 5-3.

Video via MLB.
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