Christian Folin destroys Brady Skjei with huge hit (Video)

Christian Folin crushes Brady Skjei

Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Christian Folin crushed New York Rangers defenseman Brady Skjei with a monster hit during Tuesday night's game at Madison Square Garden.

It happened in the third period as Skjei was controlling the puck at center ice. As Skjei was focusing on the puck, Folin was skating towards him at full speed, lining him up for the check. After passing the puck, Skjei saw Folin at the last minute and tried to brace himself, but there was no way to avoid the collision.

Folin's hit was clean, but the Rangers did not care for it, as they started a scrum which stopped play. Rangers center Boo Nieves was given a roughing penalty after the scrum.

Folin was credited with four hits for the game as the Flyers beat the Rangers 1-0.

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