Bill Walton throws horrendous first pitch at Padres game, gets do-over

NBA Hall of Famer Bill Walton was so embarrassed after throwing a terrible first pitch prior to Thursday night's San Diego Padres game against Colorado that he had to take a do-over to vindicate himself.

Walton wore a customized Padres T-shirt with a Grateful Dead logo on the front, which is certainly his style. Walton said he felt good warming up, but got stiff waiting for the National Anthem to be played prior to the first pitch. His throw was so far outside that it went past the catcher and into the backstop.

Fortunately, Walton's second pitch was solid.

Walton then took it upon himself to join Rockies manager Bud Black and Padres manager Andy Green for the exchange of the lineup cards with the umpires. It would seem that Walton's eccentric personality dominated the conversation.


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