Will Ferrell gives wacky interview during halftime of LAFC vs LA Galaxy

LAFC co-owner Will Ferrell held an interview with ESPN during halftime of Saturday night's MLS is Back Tournament matchup against cross-town rival LA Galaxy in the latest iteration of El Trafico, and things got a bit wacky.

The game was tied at 2-2 at halftime as Ferrell joined the ESPN studio crew from his home sporting an LAFC facemask and some extremely frizzy hair. Ferrell claimed that LAFC scored each time he put on his "Talledaga Nights" racing helmet to bring the team luck. As Ferrell answered some other questions about the quarantine and how he watches soccer games, a large group of kids popped up in the background eating cereal and corn on the cob.

Things got really strange when the ESPN studio crew asked Ferrell if he eats corn on the cob with the helmet on and whether it was white or yellow corn. Ferrell said that it would typically be yellow corn and he would take the helmet off to eat it. When asked who the "minions" behind him who were eating so much corn, after several seconds of dead silence, Ferrell claimed to have no idea what they were talking about.

We're guessing that Ferrell wore the helmet for most of the second half, as LAFC broke the game open with four goals to defeat the LA Galaxy 6-2.

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