Tyler Herro attempts to slip in practice free throw vs Clippers

Miami Heat point guard Tyler Herro tried to pull a fast one during Monday's game against the L.A. Clippers, but the alert officials didn't let him get away with it. 

It happened in the final minute of the second quarter with the Clippers holding a 64-62 lead and Herro at the free throw line ready to shoot two foul shots. As the official bounced the ball to Herro at the foul line, he casually threw up a shot that bounced off the front rim. Herro was under the impression that the Clippers were substituting Andre Iguodala into the game, so he figured his shot didn't count. However, the Clippers never made the substitution, and Herro was caught off-guard when the official told him he only had one shot left.

It would be surprising if Herro genuinely believed he could get away with taking a practice free throw. Not sure how Herro got the idea in his head, as this is not allowed in basketball at any level. Herro ended up missing the second free throw as well, so his attempt to skirt the rules backfired. We would guess that it is unlikely that he will try this again. 

Herro finished with 27 points and 5 rebounds in 41 minutes, but it wasn't enough as the Clippers beat the Heat 125-118. The Clippers raised their record to 21-8, good for third place in the NBA Western Conference standings. The Heat now stand at a disappointing 11-16, tied for 10th in the NBA Eastern Confererence. 

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