Ondrej Kase collides with referee after scoring breakaway goal

Toronto Maple Leafs right winger Ondrej Kase collided with a referee immediately after scoring a breakaway goal during Friday night's game against San Jose. 

It happened in the second period with the Sharks holding a 2-1 lead. With the Sharks on offense inside the Maple Leafs blue line, Kase blocked a shot by Sharks center Tomas Hertl from the point. The puck stayed right in front of Kase, leading to a solo breakaway opportunity. As Kase scored his first goal as a Maple Leaf, he had no time to avoid referee Wes McCauley, who was trailing the play and found himself following Kase a bit too closely, which led to the awkward collision.

McCauley dropped to the ice to avoid the brunt of it, and Kase leaped at the last second and fell over McCauley. Kase seemed a bit irritated as it ruined the moment. It could have been much worse as someone could have gotten hurt.  However, McCauley probably could have gave Kase a bit more room to work with.

Unfortunately, the Leafs were unable to build on the momentum of Kase's game-tying goal, as the Sharks scored just over a minute later and went on to win the game 5-3.  The Sharks remain undefeated after 4 games, while the Leafs fell to 2-2-1 on the season.

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