Miles Bridges ejected vs Hawks, tosses mouthpiece at fan

Miles Bridges tosses mouthpiece at Hawks fan, Hornets vs. Hawks, 4/13/2022

Charlotte Hornets small forward Miles Bridges tossed his mouthpiece at a fan while heading to the locker room after being ejected from Wednesday night's NBA Eastern Conference play-in game in Atlanta. 

It happened midway through the fourth quarter as the ninth-seeded Hawks held a commanding 110-81 lead over the 10th-seeded Hornets. After getting what he thought was a clean block on a layup attempt by Hawks small forward De'Andre Hunter, Bridges was called for goaltending, allowing the basket to count. Bridges did not like the call and had a few choice words for the officials, leading to two quick technical fouls and an ejection. Bridges had to be held back by teammates and assistant coaches as he continued his unsuccessful attempt to overturn the call. 

The hometown Hawks fans naturally gave Bridges a hard time as he walked off the court. Someone apparently said something that got under Bridges' skin, as he angrily threw his mouthpiece into the crowd. The mouthpiece hit a young female fan in the back, bouncing up into her face. We are guessing that she was not the intended target.
Fortunately, based on the video, the female fan appeared to be OK. We will wait to hear if Bridges receives any punishment for this from the NBA. Our guess is that he will be fined. 

Bridges finished the game with 12 points in 30 minutes. The Hawks won the game 132-103 and move on to face the Cleveland Cavaliers in a single elimination game for the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference. As for the Hornets, their season is over.

UPDATE: Upon seeing the video after the game, Miles Bridges seems to be disappointed with himself for his behavior. It appears that he wants to reach out to the female fan to apologize. [Bleacher Report]
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