Rob Gronkowski misses FG wide right with FanDuel Kick of Destiny 2 (Video)

Rob Gronkowski misses FanDuel Kick of Destiny 2

Future Pro Football Hall of Famer end Rob Gronkowski missed a live 25-yard field goal attempt Sunday as part of FanDuel's Kick of Destiny 2 promotion.

It happened as part of a live 30-second commercial that aired prior to the opening kickoff of Super Bowl LVIII. Kay Adams set the scene as Gronk was lined up to kick the ball through the uprights on a miniature football field with a kicking tee holding the ball in position on the 15-yard line. Gronk, dressed in a blue FanDuel football uniform, was surrounded by hundreds of excited fans cheering him on. It was a chance for him to redeem himself after missing the first Kick of Destiny last year.

Unfortunately, Gronk was unable to complete his goal. He had plenty of leg, but the football sailed wide right. Gronk knew he had missed as soon as the ball was in the air.

Gronk was clearly disappointed in himself, but he shouldn't take it too hard. He had an amazing career as a tight end, and can throw a baseball pretty well, but he was not kicker. However, we're sure he got a nice paycheck from FanDuel to make this experience worth his while.


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