Grimace throws ceremonial first pitch at Mets game (Video)

Grimace throws first pitch, Marlins vs. Mets, 6/12/2024

The New York Mets invited Grimace to throw the ceremonial first pitch for Wednesday night's game against Miami.

The famous purple McDonald's mascot threw from the front of the mound wearing a black Mets cap. He threw the pitch far enough to reach home plate, but it was a little outside as it bounced in the batter's box.

A lack of accuracy can be forgiven in this case, as it must be hard for the person playing Grimace to throw while wearing that costume. To top it off, Grimace's first pitch was better than a lot of celebrities we have seen, including Zach Edey, Conor McGregor and, most notably, 50 Cent.

The Mets went on to beat the Marlins, so it could be argued that Grimace brought the Mets some good luck. Maybe they should have Ronald McDonald or the Hamburglar do it next time. We shall see.


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