Streaker runs onto field, backflips, gets tased at Reds-Guardians game (Video)

Streaker runs on field at Great American Ball Park, Guardians vs. Reds, 6/11/2024

A streaker ran onto the field and did a backflip before getting taken down with a taser during Tuesday night's Cincinnati Reds game against Cleveland.

It happened in the ninth inning as the Guardians held a 5-3 lead. The streaker found his way over the outfield wall of Great American Ball Park and came pretty close to Guardians center fielder Tyler Freeman when a security guard began closing on him. He did a backflip right in front of a security guard as they tried to grab him, then appeared to be leaving them in the dust before he was tased.

Here's a closer angle of the streaker from the other side of the field:

We will never understand the motivation of these streakers. Seems like they are desperate for attention. Whatever the reason, it never ends well for them, and in many cases, they can get themselves hurt.

Although the Reds were able to score a run in the bottom of the ninth, they were not able to complete the comeback as the Guardians held on for the 5-3 victory.

DISCLAIMER: Holdout Sports does not condone fans running onto the field at sporting events.


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