If there's no video, it never happened.

Nov 30, 2011

Tyler Kennedy And Sean Avery Fight Twice During First Three Minutes Of Penguins-Rangers Game (Video)

Pittsburgh Penguins forward Tyler Kennedy and New York Rangers forward Sean Avery got into two fights in the first three minutes of Tuesday night's NHL game at Madison Square Garden.

Nov 28, 2011

Chargers Kicker Nick Novak Caught By Cameras Peeing On The Sideline (Video)

San Diego Chargers kicker Nick Novak was caught by television cameras relieving himself on the Chargers sideline during a key moment in their game against the Denver Broncos.

Caleb Hanie Ends Bears Final Drive With Failed Spike Play (Video)

With about 6 seconds left in the game against the Oakland Raiders, Chicago Bears QB Caleb Hanie snapped the ball and spiked it into the ground. However, Hanie waited too long to make that decision, as he took two seconds and about five steps before spiking the ball. This was ruled intentional grounding, and the rule requires a 10 second runoff, ending the game.

Nov 27, 2011

Redskins and Seahawks Almost Started Fighting Before Opening Kickoff (Video)

The Washington Redskins and Seattle Seahawks couldn't wait for the game to start before jawing at each other and getting into each other's faces.

Bengals' Jerome Simpson Draws Penalty Flag With Fake Dive (Video)

Cincinnati Bengals receiver Jerome Simpson showed off his acting skills in the second quarter of Sunday's game against the Cleveland Browns.

During a scramble for a loose ball after Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton fumbled, Simpson pulled Browns linebacker Scott Fujita out of the pile by his leg. Fujita got up and gave Simpson a half-hearted push, to which Simpson make a fake dive backwards and fell to the ground as if he had just been the target of a bone-crushing hit.

Steve Johnson Mocks Plaxico Burress And Santonio Holmes With Touchdown Celebration (Video)

In the second quarter of today's game in MetLife Stadium between the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets, Bills receiver Steve Johnson caught a 5-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Johnson celebrated with a choreographed dance, which he cut short by pretending to shoot himself in the leg, clearly aimed at Jets receiver Plaxico Burress.

Titans' Tommy Campbell Scores On Reverse Kickoff Return For Touchdown (Video)

The Tennessee Titans scored a touchdown on a kickoff return in the first quarter of today's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a little bit of trickery.

Receiver Mark Mariani caught the ball in the end zone and ran it out up the sideline to about the 15-yard line when he made a reverse handoff to Tommy Campbell. The reverse took the Buccaneers special teams off guard, as Campbell took the handoff and ran around to the opposite sideline, where he had a clear path to the end zone.

Marshall's Aaron Dobson Makes Backhand One-Handed Catch For Touchdown (Video)

In the second quarter of Saturday's college football game between Marshall and East Carolina, Marshall wide receiver Aaron Dobson scores a touchdown with an unbelievable backhanded, one-handed catch.

Nov 26, 2011

Shot By Penguins' Kris Letang Breaks Goalie's Stick In Half (Video)

During the second period of Saturday night's NHL game in Montreal between the Canadiens and Pittsburgh Penguins, Pittsburgh defenseman Kris Letang took a shot at the net that broke Montreal goalie Carey Price's stick in half.

Finland Hockey Teams Set Record For Penalty Minutes With Massive Fighting (Video)

The ending of a recent hockey game in Finland between HIFK and Pelicans was disrupted by massive fighting between the teams during the third period of the game.  This included one instance when all players on both teams (except the goalies) dropped the gloves after a face off and just went at it.

Georgia Tech Wideout Steven Hill Taken Down By State Trooper On Sideline (Video)

In the fourth quarter of today's Georgia-Georgia Tech game in Atlanta today, wide receiver Steven Hill made a nice 36-yard reception along the sideline. The pass steered Hill out of bounds, where he was accidentally tackled by a state trooper.

Todd Bertuzzi and Milan Lucic Had Trouble With Player Introductions Before Friday's Red Wings-Bruins Game (Video)

On Friday, the Detroit Red Wings and Boston Bruins faced off in Boston. NBC had Detroit's Todd Bertuzzi and Boston's Milan Lucic introduce the starting lineups for the game.

However, it didn't come easy for Bertuzzi and Lucic.  The introductions that aired at the beginning of the game were smooth, but later in the first period, NBC showed the outtakes from Bertuzzi and Lucic.

Caroline Wozniacki Shows Off Dance Moves On Tennis Court (Video)

During a stoppage of play in a recent exhibition tennis match in Bratislava, Slovakia, Caroline Wozniacki heard the music playing and had to start dancing.

Nov 25, 2011

Bobby Petrino Curses At Les Miles During Arkansas-LSU Game (Video)

After LSU kicked a field goal with 5:08 left in the fourth quarter to increase their lead over Arkansas to 41-14, Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino was caught by television cameras pointing and cursing at LSU head coach Les Miles.

Jason Witten Takes Out Cheerleader On Sidelines Of Dolphins-Cowboys Game (Video / Photo)

On the first play of the fourth quarter of yesterday's game in Dallas between the Cowboys and Miami Dolphins, Jason Witten ran a pattern to the sideline for a 5-yard reception. Dolphins safety Reshad Jones grabbed on to Witten's legs and dragged down Witten out of bounds, and Witten ended up taking a Cowboys cheerleader down with him.

Ndamukong Suh Ejected For Slamming Opponent's Helmet Into Ground And Stomping On His Arm (Video)

Detroit Lions defensive linesman Ndamukong Suh stepped over the line again yesterday in the third quarter of yesterday's game against the Green Bay Packers. Suh jammed the helmet of Packers offensive linesman Evan Dietrich-Smith into the ground three times, then stomped on Dietrich-Smith's arm as he got up. Suh was given an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and was ejected from the game.

Lauren Alaina Flubs National Anthem Before Packers-Lions Thanksgiving Game (Video)

"American Idol" season 10 runner-up Lauren Alaina flubbed the first verse of the "Star-Spangled Banner" before Thanksgiving's NFL game in Detroit between the Lions and the Green Bay Packers.

Nov 24, 2011

Goalie Attacks Net After Getting Beat, Net Takes Him Down (Video)

In the Southern Conference championship game in college soccer, Elon University's Jordan Smith jumps over a defender's attempted slide tackle and dribbles around charging UNC Greensboro goalkeeper Peyton Ford for the goal.

Frustrated from getting beat on the play, Ford decided to take out his frustration with a jump kick to the side of the goal net. Unfortunately, that would only make things worse.

LA Kings' Dustin Brown Has Trouble Drinking From Water Bottle

In a recent NHL game against the St. Louis Blues, Los Angeles Kings captain Dustin Brown forgets which end of a water bottle to drink out of.

Some Tennessee Football Fans Are Saying "Sorry Phil Fulmer" (Video)

After three tough seasons under head coaches Lane Kiffin and Derek Dooley, Tennessee football fans are starting to realize that things weren't so bad with Phil Fulmer as their coach. A few of them put together this music video, based on a song by Outkast, entitled "Sorry Phil Fulmer":

Nov 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Hope everyone out there has a very Happy Thanksgiving.

To commemorate the occasion, we give you Adam Sandler's "Thanksgiving Song". Because in a season full of holiday songs, this is the only Thanksgiving song we can find. (Warning: minor NSFW language)

Most importantly, be safe this weekend. Especially if you're going out to one of those early morning Black Friday special sales. We don't want anyone getting hurt out there, or hurting someone else. This Saturday Night Live "Black Friday" parody commercial from last season should give some perspective:

Deion Sanders Sneaks Drug Reference Into NFL Highlights (Video)

As the NFL Network studio analysts recapped game highlights on Sunday night, they featured Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back LeGarrette Blount's 52-yard touchdown run against the Green Bay Packers (minus the Super Mario music).

Then, Deion Sanders threw the show off the rails by throwing in a weed reference.

Video: Why Was Kansas' Jeff Withey Called For His Fifth Foul?

In a Maui Invitational showdown Monday night between Kansas and Georgetown, Kansas center Jeff Withey was called for his fifth foul with 8:10 left in the second half. The call was extremely dubious, however, because Georgetown forward Nate Lubick pushed Withey, while Withey did nothing.

Glass Pops Out During Islanders-Penguins Game (Video)

Monday night's NHL game in Pittsburgh between the hometown Penguins and New York Islanders was noteworthy for Sidney Crosby's memorable return to the ice. However, the game was briefly halted when a piece of plexiglass popped out of place behind the Islanders net.

Brawl Breaks Out During Bruins-Canadiens Game...Between Fans (Video)

It's pretty common to see a fight break out during a hockey game, but usually it's between players on the ice.

Last Monday at the Bell Center in Montreal, a fight broke out between fans in the stands while the Canadiens were hosting the Boston Bruins.

Nov 22, 2011

Video: Dolphins' Jared Odrick Will Still Do The Pee Wee Herman Dance, Whether You Like It Or Not

Last week, Miami Dolphins defensive lineman Jared Odrick broke out the Pee-Wee Herman "Tequila" dance after sacking Washington Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman.

Teammate Jason Taylor, who competed in "Dancing With the Stars" a few seasons back, tried to convince Odrick this week not to do it anymore, but to no avail.

This Sunday, Odrick sacked Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick in the third quarter, and broke out the Pee-Wee dance again...to commentator Marv Albert's disgust.

Video: Canucks' Max Lapierre Checks Senators' Jesse Winchester Through Bench Door

During the first period of Sunday night's hockey game in Vancouver, Ottawa Senators center Jesse Winchester was standing in front of the door to the Vancouver Canucks bench.  As he was playing the puck, Canucks forward Max Lapierre checked Winchester through the bench door, which popped open and sent Winchester flying backwards into the Canucks bench.

Video: Ravens' Torrey Smith Tackled By His Hair

During the second quarter of Sunday's game, Baltimore Ravens receiver Torrey Smith was tackled by Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Pacman Jones, who grabbed Smith's long dreadlocks to pull Smith down to the ground.

Video: Lions' Tony Scheffler Celebrates Touchdown With AT&T Flash Mob Dance

After Detroit Lions tight end Tony Scheffler caught a third quarter touchdown pass against the Carolina Panthers last Sunday, he celebrated with moves he borrowed from the famous AT&T "Flash Mob" commercial.

Video: Redskins' Jabar Gaffney Accidentally Slaps Fan In The Face While Celebrating Touchdown

Washington Redskins receiver Jabar Gaffney caught a touchdown pass from Rex Grossman near the end of the first half against the Dallas Cowboys. While celebrating, Gaffney accidentally slapped a fan right in the face.

Nov 21, 2011

Video: Ole Miss' Terrell Brown Breaks Folding Chair...By Sitting On It

As if getting pounded by LSU 52-3 wasn't painful enough for the Rebels, Ole Miss defensive lineman Terrell Brown, who is listed as 6-foot-10, 377 pounds, had a folding chair break underneath him as he sat on it on the sideline...and it was caught by television cameras.

Video: Watch LeGarrette Blount's Touchdown...With Super Mario Brothers Music

By now, you've probably seen the NFL highlight of Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back LeGarrette Blount's 52-yard touchdown against the Green Bay Packers last Sunday.

However, you may want to watch it again, only this time with Blount's run synchronized with Super Mario Brothers invincibility music.

Video: Maurice Jones-Drew Taunts Cleveland Fans With LeBron James' "Powder Toss" After Scoring Touchdown

After scoring a second quarter touchdown in Cleveland against the hometown Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew taunted Cleveland fans with his touchdown celebration inspired by former Cavaliers star LeBron James' pregame powder toss.

Video: NFL Referee Gets Caught In Scrum For Loose Ball Between Bengals And Ravens

NFL referee Ron Winter was crushed in a pile of players who were scrambling for a loose ball in yesterday's football game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens.

Video: Niners' Dashon Goldson Ejected For Fighting Cards' Early Doucet

In the fourth quarter of Sunday's game between the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers, Cardinals receiver Early Doucet felt that Niners safety Dashon Goldson gave him a cheap shot during a play.  Doucet expressed his frustration by slapping Goldson in the helmet while Goldson was down on the ground near the end of a play. 

To retaliate, Goldson took a few swings at Doucet before Niners teammates separated the players. 

Nov 20, 2011

Video: USC Receiver Robert Woods Celebrates Touchdown With Imitation of LeBron James' Powder Toss

USC receiver Robert Woods scored a touchdown on the first play of the second quarter during yesterday's 38-35 upset victory over Oregon.  Woods celebrated on the sideline by imitating the famous LeBron James pregame powder toss, with teammate Brandon Carswell pretending to pour the powder into Woods' hands.

Video: Erin Andrews Received Accidental Gatorade Bath After Baylor's Upset Win Over Oklahoma

After Baylor's 45-38 upset win over Oklahoma, Baylor offensive lineman Troy Baker attempted to shower his teammate, quarterback Robert Griffin III, with Gatorade as he was surrounded by fans who stormed the field and media members waiting to interview him.

Baker missed the quarterback with the Gatorade, but managed to douse Baylor Sports Information Director Heath Nielsen and ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews.

Video: Female Baylor Fan Storms The Field, On Crutches, After Upset Win Over Oklahoma

As Baylor took a knee on the last play of last night's game to seal the 45-38 win over #4 Oklahoma, the home Baylor fans stormed the field. One female Baylor fan managed to stand out from the crowd, however, as she stormed onto the field while on crutches.

Video: Soccer Player Gets Red Card For Accidentally Kicking Referee With Ball

In a Russian soccer match Friday night, a player accidentally kicked the referee with the ball.  The punishment may have been a little excessive, however, as the referee gave the player a red card.

Why Was USC's Dion Bailey Riding Oregon's LaMichael James Like A Horse?

To slow down Oregon's offense in the second quarter of last night's game, USC linebacker Dion Bailey used an unconventional way of keeping Oregon running back LaMichael James from getting up for the next play.

Nov 19, 2011

Video: Iowa State Coach Paul Rhoads Gives Inspirational Locker Room Speech After Upset Win Over Oklahoma State

After Iowa State upset previously-undefeated #2 Oklahoma State 37-31 in double overtime last night, Cyclones head football coach Paul Rhoads gave an excellent post-game speech to his team in the locker room.

Video: Missouri Coach Gary Pinkel Lost Track Of Alphabet During Field Sobriety Test

Missouri head football coach Gary Pinkel pled guilty this week to a misdemeanor charge of drunken driving and received a 30-day suspended sentence along with two years’ probation. Pinkel was suspended from the sideline for this week's game against Texas Tech and will have his salary frozen for one year.

Now, to further add to Pinkel's embarrassment, the video from the field sobriety test has now been released to the public.

Video: Urban Meyer Denies Accepting Ohio State Head Coaching Job

Urban Meyer is part of the ESPN broadcast team covering Saturday's Nebraska-Michigan game with Dave Pasch and Ohio State alumnus Chris Spielman. During the first quarter, Dave Pasch asked him about the reports/rumors about Meyer accepting the Ohio State head coaching position, to which Meyer responded "There's no truth to that".

Victoria's Secret Creates Michigan State T-Shirts...With Michigan's Slogan (Photo)

Victoria's Secret has just removed some Michigan State T-shirts from its website because of a misprint.

The issue was that these particular Spartan T-shirts had the slogan "Hail to the Victors" on the front, which is the slogan of Michigan State's biggest rival, Michigan.  Ouch.

Video: Lee Corso Curses Live On ESPN's College Gameday

ESPN college football analyst Lee Corso dropped an F-bomb right at the end of Saturday morning's College Gameday show when picking the winner of today's Houston-SMU game.

Video: Mark Fistric Checked Through Penalty Box Door By TJ Gagliardi

During the second period of last night's NHL game in Colorado, Avalanche forward TJ Galiardi checked Dallas Stars defenseman Mark Fistric into the penalty box door. To top it off, the penalty box door popped open and Fistric's right shoulder got slammed into the open door frame for a painful one-two combination.

Tony Romo Accused By Cowboys Teammate For Having a Messy Locker (Photo)

They say what happens in a team locker room should stay private. Apparently Dallas Cowboys safety Abram Elam doesn't agree. Elam used his Twitter account to accused two of his teammates, quarterback Tony Romo and cornerback Frank Walker, of having
"the junkiest 2 lockers in the NFL".

To back his claim, Elam posted a photo of Walker's and Elam's messy lockers.

Nov 18, 2011

Video: Was Texas A&M Coach's Daughter Responsible For St. John's Missed Free Throws?

Texas A&M basketball coach Billy Kennedy brought his 7-year-old daughter Anna Cate to Madison Square garden for the Aggies' game against St. John's. Anna Cate sat in the second row and got herself noticed by screaming (actually, it was more like shrieking) very loudly while St. John's players were at the free throw line.

Video: LeBron James Travels All The Way To London To Dunk On Another Kid

Last week, LeBron James was at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre in London visiting the London School of Basketball.

During a Q&A session, one of the kids asked LeBron to demonstrate how he shoots the ball. After LeBron clanked two shots off the rim, however, he took out his frustration by going one-on-one against a kid and dunking on him.

Video: Maple Leafs' Joffrey Lupul Gets Kicked By Nashville Predators Fan While Leaning Against Glass

During a pause in the action in the third period of last night's NHL game in Nashville, Toronto Maple Leafs forward Joffrey Lupul leaned his head back against the glass to catch his breath. However, he was suddenly disturbed by a Nashville Predators fan in the front row who decided to kick the glass that Lupul was leaning against, effectively kicking Lupul in the head.

Video: Miracle Touchdown In Final Minute Knocks Oklahoma State Champs Out Of Playoffs(Video)

In an early round playoff game in Oklahoma high school football, defending state champions Douglass High had a 19-14 lead against Woodward High with under a minute left and the ball on the Woodward 1-yard line.  All they had to do was take a knee and run out the clock.

Instead, Douglass tried to punch the ball in for another score.  Unfortunately, the move backfired...big time.

Predators' Brian McGrattan Beats Up Maple Leafs' Jay Rosehill in Hockey Fight (Video)

In the third period of Thursday night's NHL game in Nashville, Predators forward Brian McGrattan got the better end of a fight with Toronto Maple Leafs forward Jay Rosehill. 

Video: Hunter Mahan Gets Upset With Fans at Presidents Cup

During Friday's round of President's Cup golf, American golfer Hunter Mahan stopped his swing to yell at some noisy fans in the suites who became a distraction.

If Other NBA Stars Could Choose a New Name, What Would It Be? (Video)

In a recent charity basketball game held by Trail Blazers forward JaMarcus Aldridge in Portland, The Basketball Jones asked an interesting question to the NBA players in attendance:

In light of Ron Artest changing his name to Metta World Peace, if they could change their name to anything they wanted, what would their new name be?

Video: Did Predators' Craig Smith Just Have The Worst Miss of an Empty Net Goal in NHL History?

Nashville Predators center Craig Smith had the puck on his stick just a fewfeet away from an empty net in the third period of last night's hockey game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. All Smith had to do was tap the puck towards the net and the goal was his.

Instead, Smith tried to roof the puck into the net. Big mistake.

Nov 17, 2011

Video: Jared Odrick Celebrates Sack of Rex Grossman With Pee-Wee Herman Dance

In the first quarter of last Sunday's NFL game in Miami, Dolphins defensive lineman Jared Odrick celebrated a sack of Washington Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman by doing the Pee-Wee Herman dance.

Video: Sabres' Tyler Myers Hits Devils' Danius Zubrus In Head, No Penalty Called

Buffalo Sabres defenseman Tyler Myers unloaded on New Jersey Devils forward Danius Zubrus during the second period of last night's hockey game in Buffalo, hitting Zubrus in the head and knocking him down.

Video: Lionel Messi Gets Knocked Down, Kicked In Head With Ball During Match Against Colombia

Lionel Messi was taken down in Argentina's World Cup soccer qualifying match against Colombia, which is all part of the game. However, before Messi could get up from the ground, he took a shot in the head from a ball kicked by Colombia's Abel Aguilar from point-blank range for a painful one-two punch.

Video: Brawl Breaks Out in Russian Youth Soccer Match Between Teams In Under-15 Division

Soccer violence is not uncommon, but for an all-out brawl to break out in a youth soccer match is almost unheard of. Unfortuntely, that's what happened recently when a brawl broke out at the end of a Russian soccer match between two teams in the Under-15 division.

Nov 16, 2011

Video: "Ping Pong Soccer" Goal Makes Big Sister Proud

What's better than scoring a goal? How about hitting two girls in the face with the ball before scoring, and then having a video of the goal posted on the Internet for the world to see?

Video: Irish Broadcaster's Hysterics Overshadow Dramatic Heineken Cup Finish

In a Heineken Cup rugby match, Ronan O'Gara scored a drop goal in injury time to give Irish club Munster a 23-21 victory over Northampton. 

The end of the game was certainly dramatic, but in one Irish television broadcast, the winning goal may have been overshadowed by the announcer's hysterics.

Video: Brian Robison Is Now Shoving NFL Referees

It was only last month when Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman Brian Robison received a $20,000 fine for kicking Green Bay Packers lineman TJ Lang in the groin.  Well, Robison's temper may have gotten the best of him again Monday night, but this time he was caught pushing an NFL referee.

Video: Blues' Chris Stewart Gets Ejected For Boarding Red Wings' Niklas Kronwall

St. Louis Blues right winger Chris Stewart was ejected in the first period of last night's NHL game against the Detroit Red Wings for pushing defenseman Niklas Kronwall from behind into the boards.

Nov 15, 2011

Video: Brazilian Soccer Player Falls Into Bushes During Goal Celebration

In a soccer match from Brazil, Fabio Santos scored a goal for Vitoria and wanted to celebrate with fans. He leaped over the advertising board and over some bushes to get close to the fans.  However, Santos wasn't able to reach high enough after his leap over the hedge, so he crashed into the wall and fell back into the bushes. 

Video: Croatian Basketball Player Throws Ball At Referee, Punches Him in the Head

In a recent basketball game in Croatia, a player named Sime Buterin threw a basketball at a referee and punched him in the head after he was called for a technical foul in the game.

Video: AHL Hockey Player Throws Sticks, Gets Ejected For Temper Tantrum

In minor league hockey action, Dane Byers of the AHL's Springfield Falcons was sent to the penalty box for fighting in the third period of a game against the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. It was Byers' behavior after the fight, however, which got him tossed from the game.

Video: Deion Sanders Curses On Air While Analyzing Devin Hester's Punt Return for a Touchdown

As the NFL Network was analyzing highlights of the Detroit Lions-Chicago Bears game on Sunday, they featured Bears receiver Devin Hester's 82-yard punt return for a touchdown.

The return was apparently so good that Deion Sanders had to sing about it. The song that Sanders chose to sing a line from was Warren G's "Regulate". Unfortunately, Deion not only got the lyrics wrong, but decided to drop an F-bomb into the lyrics, causing Sanders to curse uncensored on air.

Video: Rex Ryan Caught Telling Fan To "Shut The F*** Up"

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan is in some hot water as he was caught cursing at a fan who heckled him as the team headed into the locker room at halftime of last Monday night's game against the New England Patriots.

Fortunately for us, there was video of the incident.

Nov 14, 2011

Video: Ndamukong Suh Rips Jay Cutler's Helmet Off

In the second quarter of yesterday's Lions-Bears game, Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler had his helmet ripped clean off on a tackle by Detroit defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh after a 10-yard scramble.

Video: CFL Punter Kicks 108 Yard Punt

It's not every day that someone kicks a 108-yard punt. In fact, in NFL or NCAA football, it's impossible to kick one.

Not in the CFL, however, with their longer field. It's happened at least twice, with the most recent coming a couple of weeks ago as Saskatchewan's Chris Milo booted a 108-yard punt against Hamilton. This tied the record for longest punt in CFL history.

Video: Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears Get Into Fourth Quarter Brawl

In the fourth quarter of yesterday's Lions-Bears game in Chicago, Bears cornerback Tim Jennings intercepted a pass from Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

During the runback by Jennings, Bears cornerback D.J. Moore was blocking Stafford downfield when Stafford grabbed Moore by the helmet and pulled Moore down to the ground. After Moore got up, he went after Stafford, starting a brawl between the Lions and Bears.

Video: Bills' David Nelson Scores Touchdown, Gives Ball To Cowboy Cheerleader Girlfriend

In the second quarter of yesterday's Bills-Cowboys NFL game, Buffalo wide receiver David Nelson caught a 3-yard touchdown reception from quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Afterwards, Nelson ran all the way down the Bills sideline to hug his girlfriend and hand her the football. The interesting twist: Nelson's girlfriend is a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader.

Nov 13, 2011

Video: SNL Weekend Update Tackles the Penn State Scandal

During Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update segment, host Seth Meyers discussed the Penn State scandal with "The Devil" (played by Jason Sudeikis).

Video: Minnesota Punter Dan Orseske Kicks Four Yard Punt

In the first quarter of yesterday's Big Ten football matchup between Wisconsin and Minnesota, Minnesota punter Dan Orseske kicked the ball in the air for what would have been a 19-yard punt, had it been caught at the spot where it hit the ground.

Unfortunately, the ball rolled backwards...for 15 yards. The end result was Orseske being given credit for a 4-yard punt.

Video: Arkansas Receiver Jarius Wright Maintains Concentration For Incredible Catch

In the second quarter of yesterday's SEC matchup between Tennessee and Arkansas, Razorbacks receiver Jarius Wright made an impressive 40-yard reception in which he tipped the ball to himself four times before pulling down the catch just before it hit the ground.

Video: South Carolina High Schools Show Sportsmanship As Football Player With Down Syndrome Scores 75 Yard Touchdown

Recently, a high school football player in South Carolina with Down Syndrome named Chip Mullen scored a 75-yard touchdown in a playoff game.

Video: Arkansas Receiver Joe Adams Scores Touchdown On Amazing Punt Return

During yesterday's SEC college football matchup between Tennessee and Arkansas, Razorbacks receiver Joe Adams was credited with a 60-yard punt return for a touchdown in the first quarter. However, there is no way to convey the amazing skills that Joe Adams displayed on his way to the end zone by just looking at the boxscore.  The play has to be seen to be believed.

Nov 12, 2011

Video: Aaron Rome Ejected For Elbowing Devante Smith-Pelly In The Head

Vancouver Canucks defenseman Aaron Rome was ejected from last night's game against the Anaheim Ducks after elbowing Ducks winger Devante Smith-Pelly in the head during the second period.

Nov 11, 2011

Video: Adam Scott Scores Rare Albatross On Eighth Hole of PGA Australian Open

Yesterday during the first round of the PGA Australian Open tournament, Adam Scott scored a rare albatross/double eagle on the eighth hole. Scott hit his second shot onto the green from 199 meters away on the par-5 hole and watched the ball roll into the cup.

Video: Chargers' Ryan Mathews Takes Down Raiders' Tyvon Branch With Vicious Body Slam

During Thursday night's NFL game in San Diego, Chargers running back Ryan Mathews blocks for quarterback Philip Rivers on a passing play by lifting up Oakland Raiders cornerback Tyvon Branch and body slamming him into the ground.

Nov 10, 2011

Video: Old Philadelphia Eagles Fan Displays Rap Skills While Tailgating

An older Philadelphia Eagles fan is becoming the latest Internet sensation with his rapping skills that he demonstrated while tailgating before last Monday night's game against the Chicago Bears.

Video: Mike Tyson Stars as Herman Cain in "Funny or Die" Commercial Spoof

Mike Tyson has starred in a few "Funny or Die" videos lately. However, Tyson's latest role has him playing Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain in a campaign commercial spoof.

Video: Carmelo Anthony and A'mare Stoudemire Appear On "Sesame Street"

New York Knicks stars Carmelo Anthony and A'mare Stoudemire are trying to find ways to keep themselves busy while the NBA lockout continues. This week, they decided to make a guest appearance on "Sesame Street".

Video: Russian Soccer Player's Flying Kick Leaves Opponent With Bloody Head

In a recent Russian soccer match, Spartak's Sergei Parshivlyuk attempted a header while Dynamo Moscow's Kevin Kuranyi went after the ball with a flying kick. The result was not pretty.

Video: Joe Paterno Briefly Speaks To Media and Students Outside His Home After Getting Fired

After getting fired from Penn State over the phone, Joe Paterno came outside to the front of his house with his wife Sue to say hello and thank you to his supporters.

Video: Riots Break Out At Penn State, News Van Gets Flipped Over By Fans

Penn State fans took to the streets after the announcement was made by the Board of Trustees that Joe Paterno has been fired as head football coach, effective immediately, and he would not coach the remaining games this season.

While most fans behaved themselves, a few of the angrier fans flipped over a news van belonging to local CBS affiliate WTAJ, blaming the media for Paterno's ouster.

Nov 9, 2011

Video: LeBron James Makes Slam Dunk During Charity Basketball Game, Gives Awkward Handshake To Female Fan

During a charity basketball game in Memphis on Tuesday night, Miami Heat star LeBron James dribbled the length of the court, passed the ball to himself off the glass, jumped to catch the ball mid-air, and finished with a slam dunk.

A woman in one of the front rows put her hand up hoping for a high-five from LeBron after his dunk, but he was too busy taking in the moment and left her hanging.  However, after a second or two, LeBron partially extended his arm towards the woman in a lackadaisical manner.  This resulted in an extremely awkward handshake as the woman grabbed LeBron's partially extended hand and shook it on her own.

Video: KHL Head Coach Andrei Nazarov Swings Stick at Fans

In a recent KHL hockey game in Russia, fans of hometown Dinamo Minsk began throwing cigarette lighters and other foreign objects on the ice and at the bench of visiting Vityaz (Moscow) near the end of the game. This drove head coach (and former NHL player) Andrei Nazarov to grab a stick and start swinging it at some spectators behind him, with only the glass barrier preventing Nazarov from hitting someone.

Video: Joe Paterno Speaks To Rallying Students Outside His Home

Over the past few days, more and more people are starting to turn on Joe Paterno and calling for him to resign as Penn State head football coach due to the scandal involving his former assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky. However,
last night in State College, Pennsylvania, a few hundred students rallied outside of Paterno's house to support the coach as he returned home after practice.

Paterno's official press conference was cancelled by the school earlier in the day, so JoePa used this opportunity to speak directly to the students.

Video: Matt Schaub Throws Pass Out Of Bounds, Hits Security Guard In Chest

Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub was forced out of the pocket by the Cleveland Browns defense on a red zone play in the third quarter of last Sunday's game.

Schaub made the smart move by throwing the ball out of bounds, which normally wouldn't be noteworthy, except for the back that Schaub managed to hit a security guard right in the chest.

Nov 8, 2011

Video: SNL Parodies Kim Kardashian's "Fairytale Divorce" From Kris Humphries

In light of Kim Kardashian's pending divorce from New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries, Saturday Night Live couldn't resist creating a parody commercial for an upcoming E! Network special entitled "Kim's Fairytale Divorce".

Video: John Harbaugh Gets Bloody Chin After Celebrating Win Over Steelers With Ozzie Newsome

After the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday night, Ravens coach John Harbaugh and Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome were in the mood to celebrate. Harbaugh and Newsome found each other in the tunnel on the way to the locker room.

Unfortunately, they weren't quite on the same page on how to celebrate. Newsome went in for a hug while Harbaugh jumped up into Newsome's arms. As a result, Newsome lost his balance and fell on top of Harbaugh, while Harbaugh had to conduct the post-game press conference with a bloody chin.

Video: Terrell "Sizzle" Suggs Is Too Cool For NBC Sunday Night Football Player Intros

During the NBC Sunday Night player introductions last week, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs was too cool to stick to the script and recite his name and the name of the college that he graduated from, Arizona State University.

Instead, he referred to himself as "Sizzle" and a graduate of "Ball So Hard University".

Video: Bruins' Daniel Paille Takes Shot in the Face With Puck

Boston Bruins left winger Daniel Paille took a puck to the face off a slapshot by New York Islanders defenseman Steve Staios in the third period of last night's NHL game in Long Island.

Nov 7, 2011

Video: Iranian Soccer Referee Attacked By Players and Fans, Chased Off The Field

A scary scene took place in a recent Iranian second division soccer match after Chooka Talesh players and coaches began attacking the referee when one of their teammates was given a yellow card.  Fans also began to charge the field and security had to intervene to help the ref navigate his way off the field.

Video: Giants' Corey Webster Punches Security Guard In Face (By Accident)

New York Giants cornerback Corey Webster missed a chance to intercept a Tom Brady pass in the end zone in the third quarter yesterday as the ball appeared to go right through his hands.

As his momentum carried him towards the back of the end zone, Webster decided to release some frustration by swinging his arm at the padding around the goalpost. Unfortunately, Webster didn't notice the security guard standing against the padding behind the goalpost. As a result, Webster ended up accidentally punching the security guard right in the face.

Fortunately, it was not a hard punch, as the security guard did not appear to be phased at all. Webster realized his mistake and immediately apologized, shaking the security guard's hand.

Standing behind the end zone at Met Life Stadium during Giants games has proven to be very dangerous this year. Earlier this season, Giants linebacker Michael Boley celebrated a touchdown by throwing the football in the face of a cameraman's assistant.

Webster accidentally punches endzone security guard [Shutdown Corner]

Nov 6, 2011

Video: Dustin Keller Injured After Trying To Leap Over Bills Defenders

New York Jets tight end Dustin Keller tried to leap over two Buffalo Bills defenders to gain a few extra yards after making a reception in the second quarter of today's game. However, Keller was hit in mid-air by Bills cornerback Terrence McGee and flipped over, landing on the ground hard with his shoulder and his head.

Video: Mark Sanchez Lines Up as Wide Receiver, Gets Called For Holding Penalty After Drayton Florence Makes Him Flinch

When New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez lined up at wide receiver in the fourth quarter of today's game against the Buffalo Bills, he was probably concerned about getting injured.

That may explain why when Bills cornerback Drayton Florence took a step towards Sanchez once the ball was snapped, Sanchez flinched and put his hands up as if to say "don't hurt me".

Video: Jets Coach Rex Ryan Bumps Santonio Holmes In Mid-Air To Celebrate Touchdown

After Santonio Holmes scored a third quarter touchdown for the New York Jets in today's game against the Buffalo Bills, Holmes headed towards the sideline to celebrate with the team.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan was looking to celebrate as well, so Ryan and Holmes jumped up and gave each other a bump in the back.

Video: Oklahoma's Jaz Reynolds Scores Touchdown Against Texas A&M With One-Handed Catch

Oklahoma receiver Jaz Reynolds scored a touchdown by making a one-handed catch and diving into the end zone between two defenders in the third quarter of yesterday's 41-25 win over Texas A&M.

Video: ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit Keeps His Cool in Live Interview During Oklahoma Earthquake

ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit was in Stillwater, Oklahoma late Saturday night after calling Oklahoma State's 52-45 win over Kansas State. After the game, Herbstreit took part in a live interview with Chris Fowler in the ESPN studio to recap Saturday's big games.

Herbstreit was probably prepared to answer Fowler's questions, but was probably not prepared for an earthquake to take place in the middle of the interview.

Video: Alabama Fan Cries After OT Loss To LSU...And His Girlfriend Is Not Happy

In the biggest college football matchup of the year, fans of #2 Alabama were left disappointed and heartbroken after their 9-6 overtime loss to #1 LSU last night.

Today, however, one particular Alabama fan has even more pain to deal with as he has become the center of the latest viral Internet video as CBS coverage showed this fan crying in the stands immediately after LSU made the game-winning field goal.

Nov 5, 2011

Video: Stanford's Chris Owusu Suffers Concussion After Helmet-To-Helmet Hit By Oregon State's Jordan Poyer

Stanford wide receiver Chris Owusu had to leave today's game in an ambulance after suffering a concussion on a helmet-to-helmet hit from Oregon State cornerback Jordan Poyer.

Georgia's Aron White Leaps Over Xylphone Into Hedges After Scoring Touchdown...And Gets Stuck

Georgia tight end Aron White found himself in an awkward position as he scored a touchdown just before the end of the first half in front of the home crowd in Athens today.  When White caught the ball in the rear corner of the end zone, his momentum was carrying him past the sideline and straight towards a xylophone.

White was able to use his athletic ability to leap over the xylophone, but he ended up landing sideways in the famous Sanford Stadium hedges. To make matters worse, White got stuck in the hedges and couldn't get out on his own.

Nov 4, 2011

Video: NIU Football Player Suspended For Knocking Over Toledo Band Member

As the Northern Illinois football team came out onto the field for their Tuesday night football game against Toledo, freshman linebacker Jamaal Bass took a cheap shot against a member of the Toledo marching band. Bass knocked over the band member by jumping up and hitting him in the head with his shoulder pad.

Video: Cal Cluttebuck Punches Linesman In The Face (Accidentally) While Fighting Maxim Lapierre

Minnesota Wild forward Cal Cluttebuck accidentally punched a linesman in the face who was trying to break up a fight between Cluttebuck and Vancouver Canucks center Maxim Lapierre during the third period of last night's NHL game in Minnesota.

Video: CFL Chain Crew Member Trips Over The Stick

A member of the chain crew at last week's CFL game between the Hamilton Tiger Cats and Saskatchewan Rough Riders had a bit of an embarrassing moment as he tripped over the stick he was carrying and bent it in the process.

Video: Red Bulls' Luke Rodgers Kicks Ball, Nearly Hits Woman Directly in Face

NY Red Bulls forward Luke Rodgers avoided a disaster of his own making by no more than a few inches last night during the first half of an MLS playoff game against the LA Galaxy. Rodgers kicked a ball out of bounds that nearly hit a woman standing behind the advertising board directly in the face.

Nov 3, 2011

Video: Eagle Gets Stuck in Russian Paraglider's Parachute

A Russian paraglider had a scary experience recently as he was taking his first flight in the Himalayas when an eagle flew too close and became entangled in his parachute.

Video: Fan Loses Beer As Flames' Lee Stempniak Checks Canucks' Alexander Elder Into Glass

Calgary Flames forward Lee Stempniak checked Vancouver Canucks defenseman Alexander Elder into the glass during the second period of their NHL matchup in Calgary Tuesday night.

Nothing unusual about that, except in this case, an unsuspecting fan on the other side of the glass was walking to his front row seat with a cup full of beer. Stempniak's check on Elder pushed the glass into the fan, who lost his balance...and some of his beer as it spilled from the cup.

Nov 2, 2011

Video: Iranian Soccer Player Gets Red Card 16 Seconds Into Match

In a recent Iranian soccer match, Mes Sarcheshmeh's Nader Fathollahi was given a red card 16 seconds after the match started against Esteghlal. Fathollahi received the red card with a slide tackle of Esteghlal's Andranik Teymourian by landing on Teymourian's leg with his crotch.

Video: Russian Soccer Team's Medical Staff Spills Supplies All Over Field

In a recent Russian Premier League soccer match, Terek Grozny goalkeeper Soslan Dzhanaev was laying down on the ground waiting for his team's medical staff to attend to him. Unfortunately, as one member of Terek Grozny's medical staff was carrying a cooler out to attend to Dzhanaev, the cooler popped open unnoticed and spilled a trail of supplies onto the field.

Nov 1, 2011

Photo: Dwight Howard Jumps on the "Tebowing" Bandwagon While Ordering Food at a Chinese Restaurant

Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard is trying to find ways to keep himself (and his fans) entertained during the NBA lockout.  On Saturday, Howard posted a photo of himself on his Twitter account jumping on the "Tebowing" bandwagon, busting out the pose made famous by Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. 

The photo shows Dwight Howard "Tebowing" while ordering food at a Chinese restaurant. 

Video: Fumbled Snap by Philip Rivers Blows Game-Winning FG Opportunity, Chiefs Win in OT

On Halloween night, San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers had a nightmare scenario become reality on Monday Night Football in front of a national audience.

Tied 20-20 against the Kansas City Chiefs, with 1:04 left, and positioned on the Chiefs 15-yard line with the Chiefs having no timeouts left, all Rivers had to do was take a knee to set up a game-winning field goal for the Chargers.  Then, the unexplainable happened. 
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