Casey Cizikas goes down as puck deflects into his groin

Casey Cizikas takes puck to the groin vs Bruins 1/11/2020

New York Islanders center Casey Cizikas suffered a painful injury during Saturday night's game against Boston as a Bruins slap shot deflected off his stick into his groin.

It happened in the first minute of overtime as the Bruins were in the Islanders zone just a few seconds into a power play. Cizikas put himself in harm's way to block the shot by Bruins right winger David Pastrnak. The puck hit the shaft of Cizakas' stick, which didn't slow it down much as it deflected right into his privates.

Unsurprisingly, Cizakas went down hard and had to come out of the game. That had to hurt, even with a cup on.

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