Jamie Benn fans on one-timer, falls to ice

Jamie Benn fans on one-timer, falls to ice vs Wild 1/18/2020

Dallas Stars left winger Jamie Benn had an embarrassing moment during Saturday's game in Minnesota when he fell to the ice after whiffing on a one-timer.

It happened midway through the second period with the Wild up 4-0. With the puck against the boards in the Wild zone, Stars center Tyler Seguin passed it across the ice to Benn, who was wide open for the one-timer. Unfortunately, Benn lost his balance as he was taking the shot. The end result was the shot being sent into the corner as Benn fell on his side.

Naturally, the hometown crowd got a good laugh and gave Benn a hard time about it. In his defense, Benn was nearing the end of an exhausting shift and likely wasn't expecting an opportunity like that to come his way.

Benn is not unfamiliar with awkward moments on the ice. Last year, he was clotheslined by a referee and hit in the throat with a flying stick.

It was that kind of game for Benn, and for the entire team, as the Wild blew out the Stars 7-0.

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