John Calipari ejected against Arkansas (Video)

John Calipari ejected against Arkansas 1/18/2020

Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball coach John Calipari was ejected from Saturday's game against Arkansas for arguing with the officials.

It happened with just over eight minutes left in a tie game. Kentucky sophomore forward EJ Montgomery was just called for an offensive foul as he was moving on a screen. Calipari felt that Arkansas sophomore guard Desi Sills drew the foul with a flop. Calipari tried to make his case and received his first technical when he wouldn't let go and return to his bench.

The official walked away and another official came in to separate Calipari and guide him back to the bench, but Calipari still wouldn't let it go. He finally got the attention of the official who gave him the first T and continued to plead his case. It didn't go well as he received his second technical, leading to his ejection.

In the end, however, it looks like Calipari may have accomplished his ultimate goal of calming his team down and lighting a fire under his players. The 10th-ranked Wildcats outscored Arkansas 29-22 down the stretch as Kentucky went on to win the game 73-66.

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