Brandon Ingram fouled in final seconds, no call by officials, Pelicans lose

Brandon Ingram foul by Rudy Gobert isnt called, Pelicans lose 1/7/2019

The New Orleans Pelicans were on the short end of a missed foul call by the officials that made the difference in Monday night's game against Utah.

It all played out in the final seconds as the Jazz held a 128-126 lead. Pelicans small forward Brandon Ingram drove to the basket for the layup, with Jazz center Rudy Gobert moving in to block the shot. The video clearly shows Gobert making contact with Ingram's arm, resulting in a missed shot, but amazingly no foul was called.

Making matters worse, the officials reviewed the final seconds via replay, but only to verify that there was no clock malfunction:

How can the officials miss this call? It's not even close. Absolutely horrible. Someone needs to be held accountable for this.

Ingram was the leading scorer for the Pelicans with 35 points, but that's hardly any consolation after getting screwed by the officials.

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