Steve Kerr ejected, screams at referee to 'wake up'

Steve Kerr ejected for yelling at referee 1/7/2020

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was ejected from Monday night's game against Sacramento for screaming at the referee to 'wake up'.

It happened late in the second quarter as the Kings held a 49-36 lead. According to the AP (via ESPN), "Kerr appeared initially upset about a continuation call that went the Kings' way, then erupted after Golden State did not receive a similar call."

Kerr was assessed two quick technical fouls by referee Jason Goldenberg leading to the ejection, but it didn't end there. Kerr came out onto the court to get his money's worth, repeatedly telling Goldenberg "Wake your ass up!"

Kerr was chewing gum at the time and it nearly fell out of his mouth as he screamed at Goldenberg.

Unfortunately, Kerr's ejection wasn't enough to motivate his players to victory as the Warriors lost to the Kings 111-98. After five consecutive NBA Finals appearances, the Warriors now have the worst record in the Western Conference. Unbelievable.

[H/T LBS, AP via ESPN.]
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