Jerry Jeudy throws colossal temper tantrum, bumps official vs. Chiefs

Jerry Jeudy bumps into official, Chiefs vs. Broncos, 12/11/2022
Denver Broncos wide received Jerry Jeudy threws a massive temper tantrum, but managed to avoid a penalty despite taking his helmet off AND bumping into an official during Sunday's game against Kansas City.

It happened with under four minutes in the second quarter as the Chiefs held a 27-0 lead. Jeudy apparently felt that he was being interfered with on a failed 3rd down attempt and went absolutely nuts. Jeudy took his helmet off and made a beeline for the nearest official to plead his case, going so far as to bump into him to ensure that he got his attention.

Amazingly, no penalty was called on Jeudy, despite the fact that removing your helmet is supposed to be an automatic unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Not only that, but contact with an official is supposed to be an automatic ejection, regardless of the circumstances, but in this case the official ignored it.

Jeudy was clearly hot as he walked towards the sideline. One of Jeudy's Bronco teammates tried to put his arm around him to console him, but Jeudy pushed it aside as if to say "Get off me!"

We have seen plenty of temper tantrums in the NFL over the years, and we will certainly see plenty more in the weeks and years ahead.

To his credit, Jeudy used his anger to motivate himself, scoring two touchdowns before the end of the first half and a third TD in the fourth quarter to help get the Broncos back into it. Pretty amazing to think how much of an impact Jeudy had despite nearly getting himself tossed from the game.

Unfortunately, Jeudy's effort fell a bit short, as the Chiefs held on to beat the Broncos 34-28.

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