Cubs grounds crew member swallowed by 'tarp monster' (Video)

Cubs grounds crew member swallowed by tarp monster, White Sox vs. Cubs, 6/4/2024

A Chicago Cubs grounds crew member fell victim to the "tarp monster" during Tuesday night's game at Wrigley Field against the cross-town rival White Sox.

A rain delay was called by the umpires in the top of the fifth inning with one out and a runner on second with the White Sox leading 5-0, at which point the Cubs grounds crew rolled out the tarp to cover the infield. Unfortunately, one of the grounds crew members tripped on part of the tarp, and since the drill is to cover the field as quickly as possible, he was left behind and caught underneath it.

We hope that he found his way out from underneath the tarp. We have seen the tarp monster strike in Cincinnati and claim some victims within the past year. We hope all of them have recovered from the experience - which would mean it is OK to laugh.


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