TJ Friedl knocks in two runs with sacrifice bunt vs Red Sox (Video)

TJ Friedl lays sacrifice bunt, Reds vs. Red Sox, 6/21/2024

Cincinnati Reds center fielder TJ Friedl knocked in two runs on a sacrifice bunt during Friday night's game against the Red Sox.

It happened in the bottom of the seventh with one out and runners on second and third with the Reds leading 3-2. Friedl bunted on the first pitch of his at-bat, catching Red Sox reliever Cam Booser, who had just come into the game, by surprise. Booser scrambled off the mound and tried to toss the ball underhand towards home plate, but it went over the head of catcher Connor Wong and into the backstop. Both runners scored, extending the Reds lead to 5-2.

Booser was charged with an error on the play, but Friedl did earn one RBI for the sacrifice bunt.

The Reds beat the Red Sox 5-2 and, as far as we know, no one got tased.


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