LSU fan strolls onto field during play (Video)

LSU fan strolls onto field, Southern vs. LSU, 9/10/2022
An LSU fan strolled out onto the field to have a look around during Saturday night's 65-17 blowout win against Southern.

We have seen our share of streakers that have been interrupting sporting events recently, but this one was a bit different. Unlike most streakers running as fast as they can to avoid getting caught, this LSU fan seemed completely relaxed as he slowly walked out from the end zone to about the 10-yard line to soak in the moment, all while Southern was running an offensive play from the hashmark on the other side of the field.

Eventually some police came out to try to convince the fan to leave the field voluntarily. The fan resisted, so they were forced to take him down to the ground in order to remove him from the field.

Here is ground-level view of how it all played out:

Here is what the bizarre scene looked like from the upper deck, presenting a clear view of the fan on the field while as play was running: We couldn't tell at what point of the game this took place. However, we are guessing that the fan had partaken in some alcoholic beverages.

We have to wonder how this fan managed to get past security and walk onto the field without anyone stopping him. Seems like security has some explaining to do.


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